Other translation events across the world

Date Name  Location
20/10/2016 Scandinavia: Scandinavian Literature in Italian and German Translation, 1918-1945 Rome, Italy
21/10/2016 Translating Theatre: 'Foreignisation' on Stage Symposium UK
24/10/2016 TAUS Annual Conference Portland, Oregon
24/10/2016 TAUS Annual Conference 2016 USA
26/10/2016 iMT Workshop - Interacting with Machine Translation . AMTA 2016 Conference USA
27/10/2016 Translating Europe Brussels, Belgium
27/10/2016 From Legal Translation to Jurilinguistics: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Language and Law Spain
27/10/2016 Valencia/Napoli Colloquium on Gender and Translation (1st edition) - Translating for Sexual Equality Spain
27/10/2016 Translating Europe Forum 2016 Brussels, Belgium
27/10/2016 CITA 4 - Conferencia Internacional de Traducción Audiovisual Spain

Fifth Asia-Pacific Forum On Translation And Intercultural Studies

30/10/2016 Translation and Gender Latvia
02/11/2016 57th ATA, Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA San Francisco, California
02/11/2016 Languages & the Media Germany
03/11/2016 Connecting the Dots in a Glocalized World 3rd International Conference on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation Oman
03/11/2016 The 8th Asian Translation Traditions Conference at SOAS Conflicting Ideologies and Cultural Mediation – Hearing, Interpreting, Translating Global Voices Macau
03/11/2016 Corps et traduction, corps en traduction France
03/11/2016 The 2nd International Conference on Translation, Ideology and Gender “In Sickness and in Health” Spain
04/11/2016 International Workshop ‘Translating Feminism: Beyond the Canon (ca. 1945-1990)’ UK
05/11/2016 Translation and Interpreting: Learning beyond the comfort zone. 16th Annual Portsmouth Translation Conference UK
09/11/2016 Coloquio Lucentino de Traducción e Interpretación Spain
11/11/2016 Translation and Minority Canada
11/11/2016 Materiality, Digital Cultures and Transmission in Translation Studies UK
17/11/2016 Sound / Writing: On Homophonic Translation France
17/11/2016 VocUM 2016 – Language under scrutiny: technology and corpora Canada

CRLCC International Conference On Language And Culture Contact

18/11/2016 2016 AUSIT National Mini-Conference Theme: Translation and Interpreting: Practice, Research and Publics Australia
19/11/2016 First WITTA Congress: Translation in Education and Education in Translation China
23/11/2016 III Jornadas internacionales sobre Historia de la traducción no literaria: Las editoriales/imprentas españolas y las obras traducidas del francés (hasta 1900) Spain
26/11/2016 Guerre et traduction France
29/11/2016 Translation Landscapes Poland
01/12/2016 Translation in Antiquity: Translation in Antiquity, Translating Antiquity: methods and practices Blindern, Norway
01/12/2016 Traduire, écrire, réécrire dans un monde en mutation France
01/12/2016 Parallel corpora: Creation and Applications Spain
06/12/2016 De Babel à Google Traduction : la traduction et l’interprétation, un pont entre les peuples Xe Colloque sur la traduction, la terminologie et l’interprétation Cuba-Québec Cuba
12/12/2016 12th International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting: Cutting New Paths in Translation and Interpreting Ireland
15/12/2016 Young Researchers' Conference On Chinese Translation Studies Hong Kong
05/01/2017 Translation and the Division of Labor. US Proposed panel for the 2017 Modern Language Association Annual Convention USA
13/01/2017 CIUTI FORUM 2017- Short- and Longterm Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Language Professions Switzerland
04/02/2017 ART: Transcreation workshop Leiden, Netherlands
07/02/2017 Retranslation in Context III. An international conference on retranslation Belgium
12/02/2017 ITA 2017 Tel Aviv, Israel
23/02/2017 ELIA Together Berlin, Germany
04/03/2017 Workshop ‘The imaginaries of translation’ France
06/03/2017 6th International Conference on PSIT (PSIT6), Beyond Limits in Public Service Interpreting and Translation Spain
23/03/2017 Du jeu dans la langue. Traduire les jeux de mots France
23/03/2017 In Translation: Spain, the United States, Literary History USA
23/03/2017 Translation & Philosophy|Philosophy & Translation USA
24/03/2017 TLC 2017 Warsaw, Poland
31/03/2017 Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research USA
23/03/2017 In Translation: Spain, the United States, Literary History USA
01/04/2017 ART: Regex workshop Leiden, Netherlands
10/04/2017 1er Congrès Mondial de la Traductologie France
04/05/2017 BP 2017 Budapest, Hungary
10/04/2017 Translation and Philosophy France
10/05/2017 11th International Conference on Translation and Interpreting: Justice and minorized languages under a postmonolingual order Spain
17/05/2017 MultiMeDialecTranslation 7 – Dialect translation in multimedia Denmark
18/05/2017 ITI Conference 2017  Cardiff, UK
11/06/2017 ICIT 2017 Copenhagen, Denmark
26/06/2017 Congrès international d’études francophones (CIÉF) : Session de Traductologie Martinique
05/07/2017 Conflicting Ideologies and Cultural Mediation – Hearing, Interpreting, Translating Global Voices UK
03/08/2017 FIT World Congress Brisbane, Australia
03/08/2017 FIT World Congress: Disruption and Diversification Brisbane, Australia
03/09/2017 What Grammar Should Be Taught to Translators-to-be? Belgium
03/09/2017 1st Hong Kong Baptist University International Conference on Interpreting Hong Kong
25/10/2017 58th ATA Washington DC
02/11/2017 Translation, Politics and Policies. Canada. 30th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies Canada
02/11/2017 Lost and found in transcultural and interlinguistic translation Canada
25/10/2017 58th ATA Washington DC
07/10/2017 Text editing and research supervision: negotiating roles and boundaries at the interface Utrecht, The Netherlands
 31/05/2018  Écrire, traduire le voyage / Writing, translating travel Belgium

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