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Welcome to the All-Round Translator (ART) home page!

ART was set up to organize events for translators, focusing on specialisms or skills not usually addressed at translation and interpreting conferences. Our workshops are held in English, in Utrecht. Descriptions of our future events are provided so you can decide whether to join us. Past events are archived on the website so you can view the descriptions. If you feel like you might have missed out, just ask ART if we can repeat that session.

We also organize an annual ART day where other professionals give presentations on their field of expertise – e.g. sales executives or tax professionals – and attendees can ask questions related to their businesses. After three 45-minute presentations, each followed by Q&A, we have lunch together. We then visit a museum or other tourist attraction in the area before a communal dinner.

Our events target translators looking to invest in English-speaking CPD in the Netherlands. Attendees at our events have hailed from as far afield as Malta, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

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Are you interested in attending one of our workshops on specialization within translation? Then have a look at some of our workshops highlighted below or visit the list of upcoming events to see all of our scheduled workshops for translators.

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