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ART – The all-round translator

Dorota Pawlak and Ellen Singer have attended many translation conferences as attendees and as speakers. Some conferences focus on a specific topic, others on translation and interpreting in general, but in general the presenters are translators (or interpreters).

Dorota and Ellen decided to organize events that fill in the knowledge gap, i.e. that provide the additional skills we all need to succeed as entrepreneurs. We decided to call our event the All-round translator, ART. The annual ART day is organized in The Netherlands, but every year we select a different town as sight-seeing as a group is one of the best ways to network!

The ART day focuses on the additional skills we need, that is, non-linguistic knowledge required to run our businesses. The presenters at these events are specialists from outside the translation field.

After ART 2015 we realized that conferences do not always make room for niche translation topics, i.e. specialization. We, therefore, decided to complement our annual event with a quarterly four-hour workshop on a specialization within translation. The workshop provides a jump start into a specific specialization. After the workshop the translator will have to invest effort and time to master the specialization. ART workshops aim to provide information on work process options and required skills through hands-on experience.

When Dorota decided to step down for lack of time, Margreet de Roo joined Ellen to share the ART tasks.

Each workshop will have no more than 20 attendees to ensure that attendees can discuss any and all issues with the presenter.

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