Coming to terms – Mining, management and use by Kevin Lossner

Kevin Lossner, author of the Translation Tribulations blog which provides solutions to many technical issues in translation presented ideas for better practice in terminolog mining, managament and sharing online for collaborative work. The technology discussed included free and open source tools as well as commercial resources like IntelliWebSearch, memoQ and SDL MultiTerm.

The day began with a discussion of various ways to use web-based resources for sharing project terminologies for both online and offline use for nearly any choice of translation environment. This was followed by tools and strategies for fast, effective discovery of frequent, key terminology in monolingual and bilingual documents to translate or in subject areas of interest.

There was a brief discussion of ways to handle “dirty” (impossibly formatted) documents for terminology reference. Next, Kevin covered the specific optimization of term bases and term properties in memoQ for better results in translation and quality assurance. Special configuration techniques for better term entry and match performance in memoQ were shown.

Finally, various means of creating accessible output of glossaries for different interest groups were presented, which can raise your profile with customers and differentiate you from the competition.

Written by: ART